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Ethics of scientific publications in the periodical
To reviewers:

- a manuscript received for review should be considered as a confidential document that cannot be passed for review or discussion to third parties who are not authorized by the editors;

- a reviewer is required to give an objective and reasoned assessment of the presented research results, personal criticism of the author being unacceptable;

- unpublished findings from the manuscripts presented should not be used by the reviewer for personal purposes;

- a reviewer who, in his opinion, does not have sufficient qualifications to evaluate the manuscript or cannot be objective, for example in case of a conflict of interests with the author or organization, must inform the editor about his being excluded from the process of reviewing the given manuscript.

To authors:

- the author addresses an absolutely unique research paper to the editorial office;

- in case of using statements of other authors it is necessary to provide bibliographic references;

- the author should not address the manuscript of a previously published paper to the editorial office nor should he address the same paper to the editorial offices of several periodicals.